Man and his two children die in auto crash few days after burying nephew killed in Abuja-Kaduna train attack

Avatar admin | April 22, 2022

One Mosugu Ezekiel Atebi and his two children, Joana and Jason, were killed in a fatal auto crash. 

It was gathered that the accident occurred along the Keffi-Abuja road on Good Friday, April 15. Father and children were laid to rest today, Friday, April 22. 

According to Petra Akinti Onyegbule, former Chief Press Secretary to Governor Yahaya Bello, few days before the accident, the deceased had buried his nephew, Barrister Tibileri Mosugu, who was killed in Abuja-Kaduna train attack. Read about him HERE

“This one I have been unable to process. Mosugu Ezekiel Atebi was my senior in secondary school. One of the cool headed never bullying type. Last time I was in Jos, we didn’t see but we spoke and we both agreed that when next I was in town there’d be no excuses,” Petra wrote. 

“It was shocking to hear of his tragic death in a ghastly motor accident along with his two children. Honestly, I still haven’t processed it. So unbelievable. And to think a few days before his death, he was at Abuja for the funeral of his nephew who was killed in the Abuja-Kaduna train attack not knowing death was lurking around. Simply unbelievable. They were laid to rest today.”

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