Man livestreams his last minutes as he commits suicide after leading police on a chase as they tried to arrest him for abusing his child’s mother (video)

Avatar admin | May 27, 2021

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A man named Angel Hernandez Grado livstreamed his last moments before he shot himself in the head.

In the video shared to his Instagram Stories, Angel is seen in his car, holding a gun while preparing to take his life.

His cousin called him but he refused to pick up. Another loved one called and began singing to him and he broke down in tears.

Police surrounded his car and tried to talk him out of making any rash decisions but Angel, who has a love for cars and writes about cars, wouldn’t listen.

Friends also left comments, begging him not to kill himself, all to no avail.

Instead, he informed them about the kind of memorial he would want when he’s gone.

“S2K Out. Make a fantastic car meet for me,” the car enthusiast wrote.

A helicopter was sent to the scene and police cars were also at the scene. A female police officer kept trying to get him to step out of his car but the father-of-one wouldn’t budge.

His last post on his Stories was a photo of his son.

He shot himself in the head and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition on Wednesday morning,  May 26. He didn’t make it.

Friends took to Instagram to mourn him. But not everyone was sympathetic.

Turns out he had led police on a car chase and hours-long standoff on the 5 Freeway in San Clemente after they tried to track him down for allegedly abusing his child’s mother.

According to the San Diego Police Department, a female victim contacted authorities about 8:40 p.m. Tuesday, May 25, and said her boyfriend had tried to strangle her.

The naked woman flagged down officers on Central Avenue, near Landis Street, and told them her boyfriend had attacked her and tried to strangle her at a nearby home.

An ambulance crew took the victim to a hospital for an evaluation.

By the time officers got to the residence where the alleged assault had occurred, Angel, 28, had already fled.

About two hours later, authorities found the suspect driving on the 15 Freeway, near the 8 Freeway interchange in San Diego County.

When the driver refused to pull over, a pursuit ensued, making its way to the northbound 5 Freeway, a Police Department spokesman said.

At one point a spike strip was deployed and the suspect’s vehicle came to a stop near Cristianitos Road. A barricade situation followed, prompting a shutdown of the southbound 5 Freeway.

Video from AIR7 HD showed a ring of about three dozen law enforcement vehicles, including two armored vehicles, surrounding the suspect’s car, ABC 7 reports.

The stand off continued overnight and ended on Wednesday morning when he shot himself.

Some have called out his child’s mother following his death. Others criticized the deceased for abusing his child’s mother.

Below are tributes from friends.

Watch the video of his last moments below. 

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