Man narrates how he almost got into trouble because someone was using his identity to scam people on social media

Avatar admin | May 10, 2022

A Nigerian man based in Kano state has shared the story of how he was almost lynched because someone was using his identity to defraud people on social media.

Sharing the story on his Twitter handle, the man wrote;

”Azkar saved my life today. I went to pharmcenter today to get a new earpiece. 4 guys walked over to me and showed me my sallah pictures and ask if i was the one. I said yes I was. They started insulting me on scamming their sister on instagram.

Things got really intense I was so confused because I’m not even on IG. So we were taken to the market security and I found out that someone been using my pictures on IG to scam people they went through my phone and confirmed I’m not even on IG.

Moral of the story be careful what u post on social media”

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