Man narrates how he and others were robbed at a N25k a night hotel room (video)

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No it is not a matter of being in Nigeria. Kim Kardashian was robbed in a five star hotel in a developed country. In Paris, France! A quick Google search will show you that robberies in hotels in developed countries like the US is as common as pure water but it is newsworthy in Nigeria because it just does not happen as often. That kind of thing cannot even happen at ordinary rockview hotel talk less of Hilton. I paid about 40k at rockview in 2014. I wonder what the cost is now. But you with your measly 25k for hotel somewhere in Durumi or Nyanya in 2022, you are expecting top notch security? What did you expect? You should be thankful that they did not make away with your kidneys and liver in addition to your personal possessions.

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