Man recounts how his mother allegedly dealt with armed robbers who tried to break into their house

Avatar admin | June 4, 2021

A Twitter user has started a debate after he narrated how his mother allegedly protected them when armed robbers tried to break into their home.

He claims his dad was offshore and it was just the kids and his pregnant mum.

He explained that the robbers had been going from house to house and had killed his neighbour, so his mother set a trap for them before they got to their house.

He claimed his mother pulled out the naked wires from a long extension plug then tied the direct wires to the window before plugging the socket back to the light source. He adds that all 5 armed robbers were electrocuted while trying to come in from the window.

His story has gone viral and led to a debate, with some poking holes in his story, while others defended his claim.

See below. 

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