Married US police officer transferred out of his office after receiving lap dance from scantily dressed junior officer at Xmas party (photos)

Avatar admin | December 20, 2021


A New York Police officer has been transferred to a new office after a scantily-clad beginner cop was caught on camera giving him a lap dance during their precinct’s holiday party.

Footage on social media shows Nick McGarry, a police lieutenant, grinning widely as the rookie police officer, wearing a miniskirt, black crop top and knee-high boots, twerked on his lap.

McGarry sat in a chair in the middle of a bar dance floor, surrounded by colleagues, as the younger female officer bumped and grinded on him.

As he was receiving the lap dance, some people cheered on the female officer and lieutenant. 

Once the lap dance concluded, McGarry and the female officer shared an embrace.

Reports say the raunchy dance went down at the precinct’s xmas party last weekend in a bar, sources said.

The New York times says McGarry’s superiors were not pleased with the incident and have now transferred the lieutenant from the Concourse neighborhood precinct to the Bronx’s transit district 12,. 

The lieutenant is married with kids, according to the NY times.

It was not clear if the junior female officer would be disciplined. Police Records show she joined the force in 2021.

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