‘Married woman’ and her lover cry out for help after getting stuck in each other while having s3x (video)

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I’m surprised that this is still a unique phenomenon in 2022. It can be explained from a medical point of view but that would spoil the superstitious beliefs and excitement of our ignorant compatriots. What people mostly refer to as juju in adultery is medically referred to as penis captivus which can result from a condition called vaginismus. It’s very rare in sexual intercourse but it does occur. Vaginismus involves involuntary spasms in a female’s pelvic floor muscles. The spasms can make activities such as inserting tampons difficult or impossible. The spasms can also interrupt penetrative sex or make it uncomfortable for either or both partners. When this happens, the couple should avoid panicking, relax, give it a bit of time for the penis to go back into its limp state and everything should be alright again. Instead of shouting, crying, stressing yourself and attracting mammoth spectacles by excitable hordes and busybodies, wait a while for the erection to go down. No matter how strong and how long an erection persists, it must surely come down at some point. In the history of human existence, people come up with fables when they have no explanations to certain occurrences. This is no juju but pure explainable medical condition.

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