“Mbong Amata is fine. A scriptwriter wrote a script to make her look bad while projecting care” Friend writes after Jeta Amata claimed his child’s mother is missing

Avatar admin | June 18, 2021

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A friend has asked Nigerians to ignore Jeta Amata’s claim that his ex-wife Mbong’s whereabouts is not known and their daughter is worried.

The friend said Jeta Amata is simply a scriptwriter who wrote a script and is using his daughter as bait.

Recall that a day ago, filmmaker Jeta Amata took to Instagram to claim that Mbong Amata, who he shares a daughter with, has been unreachable and has also been away from social media for most of this year. He added that their daughter is worried (read here).

Responding to his post, Oreva Amata, who is the son of Jeta Amata’s older brother, Fred Amata, advised him to remove the post and stop making family matters public. But Jeta hit back, asking why he isn’t worried that they haven’t heard from Mbong.

Jeta then released a video of their daughter, Veno, asking for her mother.

Friends have now taken to social media to state that Mbong is fine and she is actually in contact with her daughter.

“For those worrying about her, she is fine,” a friend wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of Mbong.

“We that know her know but we will leave social drama for actors,” the friend added.

Other friends also left comments, indicating that Mbong isn’t missing.

Asked why Mbong wouldn’t reach out to her daughter, the friend, who goes by Stingybaron on Instagram, said Mbong is in contact with her child and asked people to stop allowing themselves to be “manipulated”.

The friend wrote: “You can’t deprive a mother the joy of motherhood then choose which day you want her to play a mother because you are what God?. Ya’all continue allowing yourselves to be manipulated.”

The friend also said that “a script writer posted a script” then told those taking sides with Jeta, “Pray that you don’t meet one like that OK? Just pray because you will look back and say so this kind thing dey happen.”

Asked about the video of the daughter asking for her mother, the friend wrote: “That’s the aim, to make her look bad while projecting care. Nothing worse than using your child as bet. Pathetic.”

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