Meghan Markle does bizarre stunts in public after Ellen DeGeneres put her up to it (video)

Avatar admin | November 19, 2021

Meghan Markle was a guest on The Ellen Show and before the studio segment of the show, host Ellen DeGeneres made the Duchess of Sussex go into the streets to do some hilarious stunts.

The skit saw Meghan guzzle baby milk from a baby’s bottle, eat publicly like a chipmunk, and squat in public.

The duchess, who was wearing a hidden earpiece, was encouraged by Ellen to do the hilarious stunts as a prank on unsuspecting vendors.

The skit also saw Meghan shop for crystals as she performed bizarre acts, such as closing her eyes and holding a crystal to her head while chanting.

She then placed the crystal down before looking at hot sauces and “mumma loves hot sauce!”

Meghan was also seen squatting and declared she had healing powers.

Her actions left the vendors confused but they tried not to show it as one of Ellen’s staff, pretending to be Meghan’s assistant, had gone ahead of Meghan to tell them the Duchess was coming to shop and they needed to act normal around her.

Watch the hilarious prank in the video below.

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