Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, releases gospel music featuring his wife, Judith (Video)

Avatar admin | May 28, 2021

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Can people be serious in this country, is it possibly for people to be serious? I’m really tired ooh. So Amaechi, you have so much time on your hands that you called musicians together, filmed yourself and your wife singing, (by the way, she is also a public servant) and release the vidoe on social media. Dont you guys have shame, is there anyone with sense among Nigerian politicians? What have we done in Nigeria to deserve this type of people in high places? What is the purpose of this, is it to show that “you too dey go church, you sabi God”?. This is what made me walk away from religion. It has fried the brains of people. Dont you know that your job is your ministry to God and providing good and honest service to the citizens is your act of worship to God.

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