Monogamy is a foreign concept to me – Sauti Sol’s Bien

Avatar admin | August 26, 2021

Monogamy is a foreign concept to me - Sauti Sol's Bien

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Barasa has shared his struggle of understanding the concept of monogamy in marriage.

Bien who sat for an interview with Biko Zulu, described monogamy as a foreign concept as it is hard for one person to give the rest of their life to another.

He said; 

I’m still trying to understand the concept of monogamy, it is such a foreign concept to me. How you would expect somebody to give their lives to you for the rest of your life together. Now don’t get me wrong, for some people it works for some people it doesn’t.

For me as an artist and for other musicians or just people who have startups…you know like a startup is the same thing as art in the sense that the bearer of the vision is someone who is obsessed with their work and people who have an obsession with their work have a very difficult time making time for anything else but their work.”

On his relationship with his wife Chiki Kuruka, he stated that she is different from everyone he has dated in the sense that she is woke, driven, thoughtful, beautiful and an amazing woman.

Bien added; 

But nothing prepared me to be with my wife, nothing could prepare me for her, I’m still trying to figure out the manual.”

The Sauti Sol lead vocalist also disclosed the role his father played in his preparation for marriage.

He said; 

He was one of the guys who was really pressuring me to get married because he just felt like of all his kids I was the last and it wasn’t in my plans.

When my father wanted to get married, he spoke to my grandpa and asked him how do you know you’re ready to get married and my grandfather was like you take a huge karai or bucket and you fill it with money and when the bucket is full of money get married. That bucket is never gonna fill up with money, you’re always gonna stuff it with money and you’re never gonna be ready so just do it.”

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