Mother-of-four narrates how married lawmaker allegedly asked her out after allegedly raping her and bribing the court to drop the case (Part 2)

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Mother-of-four, Nkeiruka Cynthia Kamalu has released documents and a letter allegedly written to her by Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju after he allegedly raped her.

She said he was the Deputy Chief of Staff at the time and she wanted to expose him for the alleged rape but her family and his begged her to let it go. 

However, according to her, there is a tradition in her husband’s place, Urhobo, where the children are visited with ailments and even death if the mother gets sexually involved with another man. 

She said after she was allegedly raped by the lawmaker in 2015, all her kids, except for the youngest child, became sick at the same time. To prevent their death, she decided to open up to her husband that she had allegedly been raped by a lawmaker when her husband was abroad.

She said her husband arrested her and asked her to expose Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju but she couldn’t, seeing as her family and his had begged her.

She said: “My husband arrested me and asked me to confess (sic) Chima Uju if I know that I still want marriage. But I couldn’t do it because that was the first time Ohaji Egbema Uguta is being represented in the government.

“Family told me that the chances of us having the slot again is going to be impossible if I make them chase him away because of the case of rape, so I decided to forgive.”

As a result, she said her husband divorced her and took 2 of their kids, leaving her with two. She also lost her home and was vulnerable.

Afterwards, she claimed Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju bribed his way through to retrieve the rape petition she filed against him and he brought it to her and told her there’s nothing his money cannot get him.

She told LIB: “But he went and bribed them and collected it and the case ended. I tried as much as I could, the case ended.”

She continued: “Before my husband divorced me, my husband arrested me and detained me for days in Abuja.”

She added: “They came to arrest him (Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju). I have a conversation here which I’d have loved the general public to listen where he said he gave them 500,000 Naira to step down on the case. That was how the case died. My husband couldn’t stay again to pursue the case because he’s a politician. If my ex-husband brings a hundred thousand as a medical doctor, politicians have money at their disposal. So he couldn’t further up the case again, he left it. That was how my marriage ended. “

She claims once her husband left her, Hon. Uju sent her a letter begging to have her back in his life. In the letter, allegedly written and signed by Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju, was a promise of material possessions if Mrs Nkeiruka agrees to a relationship with him.

The letter reads: “I will see to it that at the end of the day I will promise to love you forever. A car gift for Xmas to you (muscle car) to deliver 25 Dec.”

She claims she was very sick and didn’t know where to start her life so she gave in to the lawmaker’s advances even though he was married with a child.

She said: “One day he called me, he said ‘Nkeiru, I told you that come back to me, you refused. Now, are you seeing it?’ Before I knew what was happening, I was in the Legend hotel, opposite House of Assembly in Owerri. I was there for 3 good months. The world can go ahead and make enquiries. Uju was coming every night to sleep with me. Atimes he comes by 1 am, sometimes he comes by 2 am. 

“I was there for 3 good months before Uju gave me a duplex in Lagos and furnished it for me.

“Two of my kids were with my mum so immediately I got accommodation I had to go and bring the kids back, and he was coming to Lagos to sleep with me.”

She made this claim to counter Hon. Uju’s claim that he had no relationship with her that could possibly have led to pregnancy as she claimed (read here and here) and also to counter his claim that he never promised her a car every Christmas. 

Mrs. Nkeiru also accused Hon. Uju of using her body part for rituals. This and more will be revealed in the third part of this interview.

Watch the part 2 of the interview below. Watch part 1 here.

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Written by Kartia Velino