Mother-of-four releases documents as “proof” as she narrates how Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju allegedly raped her (exclusive video: Part 1)

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A mother-of-four named Nkeiruka Cynthia Kamalu accused Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju of rape amongst other things (read here). The lawmaker denied the accusations and accused her of child trafficking and fraud (read here). She has now released documents to back her allegations.

Narrating how she came to know Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju, Ms Nkeiruka said she met him when she was 13 and her parents took her from Lagos to their village in Imo state for the first time. They began dating but her parents objected because they are blood relatives and their relationship is incest. However, they carried on with the incestuous relationship.

Nkeiru told LIB that she was disowned by her parents at 13 after she got pregnant for a young Kingsley Chima Uju. She had an abortion but continued the relationship. She said she ended up having two abortions for him.

Her parents took her back at 17 but she secretly carried on the relationship until she was 23 and saw that the relationship wasn’t going anywhere.

She moved on and got married and so did he. She said she went on to have 4 kids with her husband Gabriel Igbibi, a medical doctor from Urhobo in Delta state.

Trouble started in 2015 when she got a contract shortly after the birth of her last child. She said she needed a signature to execute the contract and was directed to Kinsgley Chima Uju, who had become a politician at that time.

She claims she spoke with Hon. Chima Uju and he asked her to come to Owerri. Her husband, a medical doctor, was out of the country at the time and her older kids were in boarding school. So she took her baby to Owerri and lodged in a hotel the lawmaker got for her.

She claims she kept calling him for their meeting but he said he was busy with the then governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha.

She eventually fell asleep while waiting and heard a knock on her hotel room door at about 1:38 am. She was scared and didn’t open the door but he called her phone to ask her to let him in. Because she trusted him, she said she opened the door.

On getting inside the room, she said he attempted to have sex with her but she refused and warned that she will scream. She said he told her that he chose that hotel because that’s the one he uses all the time. He told her screaming will be futile because he’s well known and respected by the hotel staff.

Ms. Nkeiru said he ended up raping her while her baby slept. As he raped her, she said breast milk kept dripping from her breasts as she was still breastfeeding. She begged him to stop for the sake of her child but he refused.

When he was done, she said he threw some money (70,000 Naira) at her and walked out. She said the lawmaker was already married at the time and had a daughter with his wife.

To prove that she was raped, she showed LIB a petition she filed in 2016 in Abuja accusing him of rape. She claims Hon. Kingsley Chima Uju bribed his way through and got hold of the petition then brought it to her and told her that his money can buy him anything. She added that that was the end of the case. 

In an interview with LIB, Mrs Nkeiruka addressed every allegation Hon. Kingsley Uju made against her and also shared documents to back the allegations she made against him. She also showed LIB messages between her and the lawmaker to counter allegations made by the lawmaker that he had nothing to do with her.

More videos coming.

Watch a video of Mrs Nkeiruka narrating how she was raped by the lawmaker.

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Written by Kartia Velino