Mums slam clothing store, New Look, for ‘sexualising children’ as young as 9 with padded bikinis

Avatar admin | June 1, 2021

Fashion retail store, New Look has been blasted by mothers for ‘sexualising children’ by selling a range of padded bikinis for girls as young as nine.

Vicky Snowdon, a mum from Leicester, UK, spotted the new range of swimsuits in a store and shared a picture on Twitter, writing:

‘It’s hard enough shopping for my daughters in @newlook with the insistence on all the tops being cropped. But padded bikini bras?! Padded bikinis for 9 year olds. Really?’

Campaign group Object, which opposes the sexual objectification of women, reposted the images, writing: ‘Stop sexualising children @newlook. It’s wrong and damaging. Take them away. We object.’

The new swimsuits, which are available in a range of bright colours and for ages 9-15, was described online as featuring ‘moulded triangle cups’ and ‘a must for girls updating their swimwear.’  

The swimsuits, which are part of the brand’s 915 children’s department, also come with skimpy bottoms which are secured by ties on the side.     

They are priced between £7.49 and £14.99.

Other parents were also quick to respond, with one writing: ‘Holy c***, girls just don’t stand a chance of a childhood do they?’

Another commented: ‘I know. Couldn’t find non-padded bras for my daughter anywhere in NL. Had to get them shipped from M&S and they still had slight shape. 

‘Aren’t natural breasts good enough anymore?’

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