New mum discloses how life humbled her after years of wondering ‘why some married women let themselves go’

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A new mum who used to look at other mums and wonder why they “let themselves go” has disclosed how life humbled her recently.

@asherstuta tweeted: “Before 2018, it never understood why some married women ‘let themselves go’ why didn’t look as peng as they used to. Like “ko le to yen now” Lols!!! Until one day in the month of August 2019, I caught a glimpse of my self in the mirror.

“Na me be this????? Life will humble each and every one of us. Now this is me with A Nanny, Driver, and the most supportive/hands on Husband ever. Now imagine women without any form of help whatsoever. Women who work 9-5, no help, etc But you still expect Pengness!”

She added: “You still want her to look like Beyoncé in Corset singing “let me cater to you” See ehn! Let’s just be thanking God in all situation.”

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Written by Kartia Velino