Nigerian lady shares terrifying story of how she was almost raped in her hotel room while on her birthday vacation in Zanzibar

Avatar admin | April 16, 2022

A Nigerian lady, Zainab Oldehinde, has shared the terrifying story of how she was almost raped inside her hotel room in Zanzibar, Tanzania where she had gone to celebrate her birthday.

Zainab in a Twitter thread said she arrived in the country on April 16, 2021 and by the night of April 17 into her birthday which was April 18, a man found his way into her room which she was certain was locked, and attempted to rape her. She said she was so terrified as her whole life flashed before her as she imagined the man raping and then killing her and disposing of her body in the body of water in front of the hotel. She stated that her saving grace was that she feigned being an HIV patient and that she would allow him to have sex with her if he wore a condom.

Zainab stated that the man left her hotel and promised to the back with a condom. She said this was the opening she needed to run away from the room. She stated that the hotel staff tried to cover up the incident and accused her of lying.

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