Nigerian man dies after alleged assault by police in India

Avatar admin | May 26, 2021

A Nigerian man identified as Peter Ofor, has died after he was allegedly assaulted by police officers in India. 

Details of the incident are still sketchy at the time of this report, however, one Prudent Obi, who claimed to be his sister, said her brother was killed by police in Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) in Karnataka on Tuesday, May 25.

“It shall never be well ooooooooo with anyone that has hand in your death my brother and the Indian Bangalore police too death will start from today visit them all your spirit shall never rest until you finish them all be Indian Bangalore police or any of our Nigerian person that has hand in ur dead visit them with anger.”she wrote. 

Also confirming the incident on Twitter, a footballer accused Bangalore police of killing Peter simply because he is a Nigerian. 

“This guy “Peter Ofor” from Imo state was killed today by the Indian police in Bangalore City. This is what you get when a Country (Nigeria) does not value its own. His Crime was being a Nigerian” he wrote.

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