Nigerian soldier pushed around by tout who tried assaulting him (video)

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When e set now them go say soldiers are wicked. This was exactly what led to the burning down of Fela’s Kalakuta republic. Fela’s boys had and altercation with a soldier, beatup the soldier and ran into Fela’s house known as Kalakuta republic. Soldier went there and order the boys that beat up their colleague to come out. The refused. Instead fela put on his electric wire fence. As the soldiers tried to force their way in, some soldier were electrocuted and died instantly. The soldier went to Abati barracks, reenforced and returned in a large number and a clear directive to pull that that den of hoodlums know as Kalakuta republic. The soldiers storms the building housing fela his dozens of wives, his mother and his band members. As they stormed the places they beat, kicked throw away everything and everyone on their way. In the process they throw Fela’s mother from the window. She died instantly. Kalakuta was destroyed permanently and burnt to the ground. This happened in the area now known as Empire Hotel around jibowu fadeyi ojuelegba axis. The aftermath of that invasion was fela singing coffin for head of state. “I Waka Waka Waka, I go dodan barracks” Fela’s mother wasn’t killed because he was fighting for any fucking masses. Fela’s Mom was killed when soldiers in reprisal invaded Fela’s home after he refused to produce his boys that beat up a soldier. General Obasanjo was military head of state when this happened he’s alive and can clerify. They won’t teach you all this in history class.

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