Photo of Yul Edochie and his second wife Judy Austin Moghalu in church with their child surfaces

Avatar admin | April 28, 2022

This is an insult to God, real men protect their homes and not bring disgrace to their homes. You are a proud, arrogant idiot with Zero sense, now you have destroyed your life forever. Only a senseless man will not know that your first wife(as you now call her?) is a blessing and a gift from God to you, she came into your life with nothing but blessings, God blessed you because the right woman(destiny wife) was by your side, now you have brought in a Jezebel from Marine kingdom(you are bewitched). I know how this will end(l never go wrong in predicting things, is a gift). I hope you live long enough to tell the story. You are a stupid unwise, senseless man, the devil has succeeded in using your weaknesses against you.

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Obasanjo married hundred wives, and he is the most regarded elder statesman in Africa. Your narration Na story for the gods. Yul my guy, ride on. Na man you be. If your first wife do anyhow, chase her fucking out. If you were a plumber, would that your wife be with you. God will punish all you Nigeria bitter hoes.

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