Police storm location after lady came on Twitter to raise alarm about being kidnapped and raped

Avatar admin | April 14, 2022

A young lady identified as Toyosi took to Twitter this morning to raise an alarm about being raped and kidnapped in a house located at Akoka, Lagos state.


Shortly after her tweet went viral, she shared a video online where she said she was fine and was neither raped nor kidnapped.


The police were alerted and some officers stormed the location she mentioned. She was however not found on the premises.

According to another Twitter user who visited the scene, it appeared the lady and the guy in question had a ”thing”. The Twitter user also stated that the police picked up some guys at the address the lady mentioned. She added that some residents of the area claim the lady in question was just chasing clout and that nothing like that happened

Watch the video the lady shared and tweets below…

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