President Buhari meets service chiefs over insecurity

Avatar admin | April 30, 2021

Army of occupation. Nigerian problem is very easy to solve but we need a selfless leader to do this. At this point you must embrace the masses with true sincerity and any promise made must be backed with action. The major problem is failure of leadership. There is a total distraught between the government and the govern. Between the executive institution (Police) and the ordinary citizen. The police have a lot of work on their hand. @IGP of police if you are reading this, there is a moral burden on your office to embark on wide spread campaign of winning the trust of the people. If not that uniform will remain a pariah to Nigerian citizens no matter the use of force. You must also note that the work load on your hand is as a result of failed institutions in our society such as family. Everything boils down to LEADERSHIP. If the people at the helms of affairs decide to make the police effective, they should be ready to do the needful. Nigerian people are tired and the politicians are not talking about it. As a matter of urgency, you must go to the masses and not through the national assembly, not through regional bodies, not through town unions. There must be a strong institution in place and the need to sacrifice your selfishness of Nigerian leaders and give back the people what is truly theirs (Their country Nigeria). What am I saying? You must protect their life and properties, give them employment, provide amenities, make schools effective again. we must start from somewhere. Either you break the country or hold them back with peace. My small sense…..

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