Read this tweet about exes who treat their new partner’s better and tell us which side you’re on

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Maybe she’s just new. When you get a new Iphone, you treat it with so much care. You’d carelessly toss the same phone on your bed the second a new model is announced. Relationships take work. This one is just boyfriend/girlfriend levels, not marriage, and people are looking for enabling environment? Just ask couples that have been married for over 20 years and are still in love, not just roommates that share children. You’ll be surprised at the disabling environments they’ve had to endure, the bullshit they’ve had to stomach from each other and the horrid battle scars of that marriage. When you hear their story, you just know that you can never take that kind of nonsense from anybody. You wonder how they could still love each other. I can confidently tell you that it takes God’s Grace and God’s Grace alone.

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Written by Kartia Velino