Reality star, Khloe showcases her curvy backside in new workout photos

Avatar admin | June 7, 2021

Can this bum bum bring peace to Nigeria?? Can it teleport buhari to Mars?? Can this bum bum be the weapon of destruction to our bastard politicians?? Can this butt send missiles to sambisa forest and bomb those bunch of idiots called boko haram, and can this bum bum take us out of this hell?? If all the answer na no, make she carry her shtty ass go boil stone, she’s a mad rabbit on steroid, una go just dey sample nyash everywhere, is that all you have to offer?? The nyash set no lie but trust me, life don pass this stage, na woman wey go help raise children with morals we dey find, even if my kids are going to be stylish, they won’t do that with an empty skull, na woman wey still get some morals left na we dey find.. We can fuck all her type cuz that’s all they know about life, most of them though, no offense to the bad girls, but I like a good bad girl, make she dey bad once once.

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