Secure Nigeria First Initiative

Avatar admin | May 25, 2021

The secure Nigeria first initiative, a youth led organization concerned about the ripple effect of insecurity and the socio economic impacts on Nigerians has called for the expansion of partnership options with China to tackle the worsening security situation across the country.

This call was made during a virtual meeting tagged ‘Nigeria/China COLLABORATION IN TACKLING SECURTY CHLLENGES’.

The meeting which hosted top Nigerian security experts, stakeholders representing different spheres of life, spoke on several ways China can assist Nigerian government as the pervasive insecurity has disrupted and crippled economic activities, decrease foreign direct investments and general decline in productivity.

According to Brigadier General P. Yusuf (Rtd) who spoke on the role of Logistics in tackling security challenges “we all know the place that China holds now in terms of international politics and military power, we want Chinese government to increase the support for Nigeria’s Armed forces and China can also gie direct support for equipments, training and improved platforms”

Professor Joshua Okpanachi a speaker at the meeting also presented a paper on HOW CHINA COLLABRATION IN HUMAN CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT CAN ASSIST IN TACKLING SECURITY CHALLENGES IN NIGERIA’ stressing that China should collaborate with Nigeria in entering a memorandum of understanding to assist in the country’s education sector with more scholarship schemes for young Nigerians as a way of curbing issues of banditry, kidnapping and insurgency.

While speaking on CHINA SUPPORT IN APPLYING EMERGING TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENTS AGAINST CRIME INITIATIVE’ Brigadier General A. Adedigba(rtd) encouraged bilateral relationship is strengthened so that the assistance from China is done swiftly as Nigerians are dying.

Opeyemi Oluwadare  also spoke on intelligent gathering and sharing while Prince Godswill Edward insisted that youth development especially in sports will engage young people and distract them from crime.

The Host of the Event Samuel Oluwasogo Fanika, president Secure Nigeria First  (SNFI) and the Co-host  Usman Paul an  investment consultant base in China, co-founder Secure Nigeria First  (SNFI) thanked speakers for the thorough submission, considerations and recommendations and attendees’ concentration, promising to take the recommendations from the meeting to the relevant stakeholders in respect to China/Nigeria collaboration for further deliberations.

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