Single person makes 12,272 noise complaints against an airport in 2021 accounting for 90% of the total complaints the airport received

Avatar admin | April 18, 2022

A person is responsible for more than 12,270 noise complaints made against Dublin Airport, Ireland in 2021.

According to reports by the Independent UK, Dublin airport authorities provided the statistics which stated that nearly 34 calls per day were received from a sole complainant, who accounts for 90% of the total complaints the airport reportedly received last year.

The nagging complainant was responsible for 6,227 complaints in 2020. But in 2022, that individual is said to be averaging 59 complaints daily, making them responsible for 5,276 complaints in the first quarter of the year. The airport said it has received 5,573 noise complaints overall in 2022 already.

Airport officials told The Independent it has responded to each individual complainant and continues to work with the community as well as the Irish Aviation Authority. The DAA said 97% of its flights adhere to the usage of designated flight paths centered around fixed noise-monitoring terminals.

The officials said most of the complaints come at night and that due to the complaints of noise pollution from airplanes, a new runway is being constructed.

The Dublin Airport Authority says when the construction is complete, it will purchase the houses of homeowners significantly impacted by flight noise.

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