Suspected cultists reportedly kill teenage boy in Anambra after he warned some men of impending attack

Avatar admin | May 28, 2021

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Gunmen suspected to be cultists have reportedly killed a teenage boy identified as Somto for alerting some men about an impending attack. 

It was gathered that the incident happened in Umuike area of Awka, the Anambra State capital on Thursday evening, May 27. 

According to one Chukwu Miracle, the deceased said to be a wheelbarrow pusher at Eke market, returned from work and went to buy food when he saw some suspicious looking men in a car watching a group of guys drinking in a bar.

Somto was said to have alerted the revellers about the suspected cultists. Miffed at the boy’s action, the gunmen allegedly shot him dead and injured an elderly man.

A Facebook user, Chukwudi Miracle who shared the story wrote;

“Somto is the name of the boy. He returned from work (barrow pushing) and went out to buy what he will eat, all of a sudden, he saw a group of men in a car, they had already double crossed 15 guys that were drinking behind there,”

“He left what he was buying and ran towards those guys, he shouted that everyone should run but because he is a stammerer, nobody heard him so he got closer to d boys and tappped them to run. Unfortunately for him, those cult guys had seen that he has spoiled something for them so they went for him. All the pleading that a elder man plead for them to leave the boy fell on deaf ears.

“They shot somto. they shot somto on the neck and shot the elder man on hand. Somto you used your life to pay for 15 guys own.

“Somto you told me I should do children day for you, please I want to do it now, where are you, somto, your mom is crying, bikonu come back. RIP Somto”

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