The Journey to Nirvana with Adlimnet Scents

Avatar admin | December 10, 2021

Let’s take you on a journey to near nirvana. A place of utmost bliss- just 2nd to heaven, where all your wishes come true. That place where your sense of smell, activated by your olfactory organ, starting from the most visible, which is the nose, would be empowered by the awesomeness of great smells.

We are never too shy to say & lay claim to the fact that, we are the undoubted and undeniable masters of space fragrances & much more like scented candles , (reed diffusers )that makes your world go gaga. We know what we mean when we say we know it like ABC or should we just say like 123.

It’s our forte. It’s what we do exceptionally well & know best too. And we want you to come on that Aladdin magic carpet of fun trip to explore Great fragrances with us.

Let’s explore together & travel on that journey of great smells, exploring the very best of ‘Jo Malone’. Let’s go on a trip to the island of bliss with the exclusive Acqua di Parma, known to only be stocked at either Harrods & Selfridges alone. Let’s do an exclusive tour alone with the exceptional Dr. Vranges or is it with Molton Brown or do you prefer Aqua deli Elba or is it Portuscale or is it just with Naturalannie Essentials Candle?

We stock only the best known brands from around the world and that have a track record of excellence and more. Those space fragrances that would make your friends, family and more just want to luxuriate permanently in your space.

Let’s go on that awesome journey together.

..near heaven awaits you with us.

Adlimnet Scents…..your best kept scent secret.

Address: July 5th Mall,19b Bisola durosinmi etti drive lekki phase one (first floor) Lagos, Nigeria.

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