The pressure for under 30 year olds to succeed these days is so strange and unnecessary, at 30 I was d*ad broke living at my Mum’s house – IrokoTv boss, Jason Njoku

Avatar admin | August 26, 2021

Iroko TV boss, Jason Njoku, has described as strange and unnecessary the desire for under 30-year-old Nigerians to be successful.

In a tweet shared on his handle, Njoku said at 30 he was dead broke and was still living in his mother’s home.

His tweet reads

”The pressure for <30year olds to succeed these days is so strange. So unnecessary. At 30 I was dead broke living at my Mum’s house. No girlfriend & zero assets.

Just me my 2nd hand desktop & @irokotv 10 failures to my name but man did I enjoy those early years in the world. Enjoy sha”


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