“The students were exploring ingenious ways to cheat, copy and dub” – Edo PDP chieftain shares his experience while invigilating exams

Avatar admin | December 13, 2021

Secretary of the Edo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Hillary Otsu, has shared his experience while invigilating exams at the University of Benin.

According to him, only about 15% of the students made efforts to answer the questions while the rest were busy looking for ways to cheat. 

“Right now, I am invigilating in an exam hall in the prestigious University of Benin, as part of my part time activity runs in academia,” he wrote. 

“I must confess that what I see leaves much to be desired in terms of the future of this country.

“In a large hall of about 600 students from about 22 departments, only about 15% of them are actually cracking their heads to pen answers to their papers.

“The remaining are all exploring ingenious ways to cheat, copy and dub. Infact one was just caught with a phone

“My question to some of them is: why havent you been reading all semester? Their responses: blank stares

“If our country doesnt devise new ways to improve educational standards, we will have an army of uneducated graduates parading all spheres and sectors, at a rate that would make our complaints of today pale into insignificance. A lot has changed.” 

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