They live in Mars- Senator Shehu Sani reacts to FG’s decision to give N5000 to poor Nigerians after fuel subsidy is removed

Avatar admin | November 24, 2021

Senator Shehu Sani has reacted to the Federal governments’ decision to give poor Nigerians N5000 after fuel subsidy is removed from February 2022.

The Minister of Finance, Zaina Ahmed, on Tuesday, disclosed that poor Nigerians will be given the sum of N5000 as transport grant once fuel subsidy has been removed. Read here. It is projected that a liter of fuel will increase to N340 when the subsidy is removed. 

Sani in a tweet posted this morning said the increase in petrol will cause an increase across all sectors in the economy. He said that the Federal government must be living in Mars to believe that the N5000 can solve any problem.

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