Three young women pepper-spray a business owner’s daughter and run away with lace wigs from the store (video)

Avatar admin | December 15, 2021

Three women – one pregnant and one carrying a baby – made their way into a beauty store and pretended they wanted to buy wigs, only to end up running off with the wigs after attacking the store attendant.

When the women arrived the store in Florida, USA, the store owner’s daughter attended to them and answered all their questions about the hairs, not knowing the plan was to get their hands on the wigs without paying.

After she handed them the wigs on Sunday night, Dec. 12, they pepper-sprayed her and ran away with the wigs.

They later sent messages to the business owner to threaten her and her daughter after their photos and videos were put out.

They also spread lies, claiming the business owner’s daughter was rude to them and attacked first.

However, a video released shows that was not the case.

The three women have been identified.

Swipe to watch the attack play out.

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