Watch Erin Lim Peg Dodgeball Thunderdome Co-Host David Dobrik With Balls

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The comedic duo we didn’t know we needed.

In this clip from E!’s Snapchat series BingE! Club, viewers get a taste of host Erin Lim‘s new Discovery show, Dodgeball Thunderdome, which premieres Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 9 p.m. For an exclusive chat with YouTube sensation and Dodgeball Thunderdome co-host David Dobrik, the two stars are tasked with selling the new competition series in an elevator pitch.

The prize? The winner gets to peg the loser with, you guessed it, dodgeballs.

“Ok, David. The success of the show pretty much depends on our elevator pitch,” the BingE! Club host explains to the internet star. “So, we have to let the audience know in 15 seconds why they should watch this show. And, whoever does a better job, gets to peg the other with dodgeballs.”

While David says he’s ready to “go for it,” Erin asks for a quick look at her “notes.” In typical David fashion, he uses this opportunity to hilariously roast the E! personality.

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Written by Kartia Velino