Watch the CCTV footage of Baba Ijesha molesting his 14-year-old victim

Avatar admin | May 2, 2021

There are so many sides to this story. There are so many elements to ascertain the truth that’s hidden in this complicated story.
– did he stop visiting princess after the 7 years incidence until now? If he did then it’s true that there is nothing between this man and the girl-child. If he didn’t then there is so much more to the relationship between the man and the girl.
We may call it an abuse or whatever, yes, but she has been playing along with this man before the busting.
When Princess left she stood up to check if she has gone out of the house completely. This has always been her routine check when this man is around. This routine check triggers the next episode of actions that isn’t new to the girl and man. He also did his own routine check of the apartment and environ too. This has always been their modus operandi. There is more to this story. The girl stood up to check the doors, signalling the man that ” I am in the mood. let’s play our old-time game just as we have always” you can see the man in shocks and surprise cos he isn’t getting the reactions he used to get from the girl-child. He sensed something is strange, stood up, did his routine check out of suspicion, came back again to his lover. Thing is that she is a child, yes, but they have been doing things together. He should have had fallen for the “very first” temptation 7 years ago (if it actually started 7 years ago). She was just a baby then. Now she knows wrong from right to a great extent, but gave consent to the man indirectly through her actions. When a old Muslim man gets married to a 14 years old girl, we all shout that the highest evil has been committed. I mean some humans have their own desire to be frank and honest. Yes, we have social norms and morals but there status quo has been changing and challenged. People come out as whatever gender they wanna, people are biologically and chemically different to be very honest. People are sapiosexual, bisexual and whatever kind of “sexual”. This life is too much and so much at a time. With the morals I am equipped with, I will say that this man is wrong and has done bad by having sexual relations with a minor. It’s illegal and wrong not matter the justification.

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