“We have spent thousands of pounds protecting the trademark Yourba for several years” TimbuktuGlobal responds after being called out by Nigerians

Avatar admin | May 24, 2021

TimbuktuGlobal is asking Nigerians to stop the social media ‘harassment’ after it was revealed that it trademarked the word “Yoruba”  and is preventing actual Yorubas from using it.

The company, owned by two Brits, is an outerwear clothing retailer.

They were accused of “robbery” and “cultural appropriation” by Nigerians after it was revealed that they trademarked Yoruba in the UK and Nigerians cannot register businesses with the word “Yoruba” in their business name.

CultureTree TV tried to register its programme aimed at teaching kids Yoruba, Yoruba Stars, but they were denied because TimbuktuGlobal already trademarked the name and opposed others from using it.

There was an outrage following this revelation and Nigerians trooped to TimbuktuGlobal’s Twitter and Instagram accounts to call them out.

They have now apologized and they say they will now release the name to be used by the public.

They also begged Nigerians to stop harassing them on social media.

See their response below.

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