What is the good job of Buhari? – Gov Wike blasts APC Presidential aspirants saying they want to continue the good work Buhari has done

Avatar admin | May 10, 2022

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state has slammed APC Presidential aspirants who have said they would continue the good job President Buhari has started if elected in 2023.

Speaking at a function recently, Governor Wike asked what good job the politicians were referring to. Listing some of the problems that have plagued the Buhari administration, Governor Wike said;

”When I hear people declaring from APC, saying that they want to continue the good job of Mr President, the good job of people dying everyday, the good job of Naira falling everyday..I feel so ashamed that we have gotten to the level where sycophancy…people would come and say I want to come and continue the good job of Buhari..what is the good job of Buhari? Is hunger the good job? Poverty the good job? or insecurity the good job? or the economy falling is the good job? Such a shameful thing. I don’t believe that somebody would come out in today’s Nigeria and say I want to continue where Mr Buhari has stopped.”

Watch a video of him speaking below…

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