Wife helps her husband pack things for his other wife in Nigeria (video)

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Hear her: I could never be my moms, God bless their generation. Well, that’s her level of exposure and age in life. This girl is probably in her late teens or early 20s. Typical. This type of relationship is not uncommon in Muslim marriages even among Millineals. Current generations of female youths think they invented social decorums and monogamy just like their moms did when they were also young. Discussions about polygamy and cheating are better left to older women who have seen it all. They know what’s required to live a happy life in relationship. Over decades, they’ve come to understand that men are generally libidinous while most women are emotional and prefer their men to be monogamous. They know that you can’t change a man who wants to cheat or marry more wives no matter your bucket loads of tears. I’d like to hear from this girl when she’s in her late 30s. What she’s seeing in her mom right now is someone that’s more experienced and understanding of the way men behave. Her mom enjoys her peace of mind and focuses more on her children’s welfares than crying over a man that could still choose to marry a third wife. Feminism encourages independence in women but the reality of life dictates otherwise as a result of patriarchal system over thousands of years. Feminism and unrealistic expectations in marriages are the main causes of divorces by women all over the world. And since our African women have chosen to live like Oyinbo, the rate of marital breakdowns are bound to skyrocket in years to come. Prior to feminism, African marriages endure but not anymore. Men will always be men and women will be the same too. Men are totally capable of fucking other women without falling in love whereas, women are obsessed with love and monogamous relationship. This divide has been in existence from the beginning of time and is never going to change coz both genders are differently wired.

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