Woman kidnapped and stuffed into trunk by two men at gas station after she rejected them

Avatar admin | April 22, 2022

An Atlanta woman was kidnapped by two men after she rejected their advances at a local gas station.

On March 20, the woman entered an Exxon gas station near Glenwood Road when two men – Quentin Williams, 21, and Roderequicge Allen,19 – started catcalling and tried to hit on her. However, she rejected their advances.

Moments later, the pair grabbed the victim and threw her in the trunk of a car. The victim managed to escape from the men near Wesley Chapel Road as reported by WSBTV.

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Deputies reported Quentin Williams and Roderequicge Allen were arrested Wednesday, April 20, for kidnapping the woman last month.

Williams and Allen were arrested by deputies and U.S. Marshals near River Road. Currently, they are being held at the DeKalb County Jail without bond and facing felony kidnapping charges.

The case went viral on Twitter as women chimed in that being harmed or killed by a man after rejecting his advances was one of their worse fears.


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