You have to do free concert for your fans – Seyi Tinubu tells Davido after the singer raked over 100m donations from his friends

Avatar admin | November 18, 2021

Guy don’t remind us of your bastard thieving father. Nigerians are bleeding, allow our wounds heal from his daily looting of lagos treasury, to slaughtering of innocent protesters in Lekki tollgate, and then he gave us a dead beat president called buhari, and instead of your father to go treat his sick head he’s thinking of taking a shot at the presidency. For goodness sake no dead beat will be president of Nigeria again. Never again. Go take care of that your sick father and leave David to live his youth. e no thief money like your papa. The boy is living his youth catching cruise, he’s not doing yahoo or drugs like your sick father is stealing on a daily from lagos state treasury. You and your family should continue looting lagos state treasury. One think is sure, it will only tarry but it won’t last. Even with all the stolen money he can’t get well. And you people think there’s no God? Continue.

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