Young boy shows off his older white lover (video)

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This is thoroughly disgusting and vomit inducing. There’s right now a 16 year old boy stuck in Ughelli, Wushishi or Ilara-Mokin waiting to do his WAEC or JAMB and dreaming of something like this. This is wrong on all levels of immorality. Infact, it should be illegal for young African boys and girls to be exploited in this manner. It reeks of second wave sugar plantations slavery where able-bodied boys and girls were used as beasts of burden. It’s now becoming fashionable to see young Nigerian girls in their early 20s smiling like idiots on the arms of a dying 70 year old Caucasian male. All coz of life abroad. This shameless cougar is aware of her misbehaviour and that’s why she’s hiding her face from the camera. I know it’s the dream of most Nigerian youths to travel abroad via fucking white great grandmas but it’s not that simple. They should remember that all that glitters isn’t gold. If I were the President, I’d criminalize these women using our youths as sex objects but disguising it as everlasting love story.

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You’re very correct. The young man uses the granny white woman for green card. And the granny white woman uses the boy as a sex slave. There is no love in any of these. The word “LOVE” has suffered so much abuse already, please. It annoys me to see it being used carelessly.

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